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These ready-to-use, sterile, petri plates (100mm x 15mm) contain a Tryptic Soy Agar with 5% sheep's blood. Ideal for general bacteria growth science projects when handled properly. These ten plates are supplied in a sterile-wrapped package.

Just swipe plate surface with bacteria collected on a sterile swab and let grow in a warm, undisturbed location.

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Refrigerate immediately when received. These plates will generally keep up to three months when refrigerated. Each pack stamped with expiration date.

Culture Plate
CAUTION. Most bacteria collected in the environment will not be harmful. However, once they multiply into millions of colonies in a petri dish they become more of a hazard. Be sure to protect open cuts with rubber gloves and never ingest or breathe in growing bacteria. Keep growing petri dishes sealed closed with tape or Parafilm until your experiment is done. Then you should safely destroy the fuzzy bacteria colonies using bleach.

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How To Grow Bacteria in Agar Petri Dishes.
This document has general outlines of three types of experiments involving bacteria growth. They are offered to assist in designing your own experiment or project.

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