Benedict's Solution, 125mL (4 oz.)

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Benedict's solution (Fehling's solution) is used to test for simple sugars such as glucose. It is a clear blue solution which is a combination of copper sulfate, sodium citrate, and sodium carbonate. In the presence of simple sugars, the blue solution changes color to green, yellow, and brick-red, depending on the amount of sugar.

Comes packed in HDPE squeeze bottle with PP flip top cap for dispensing by the drop.

Sugar Test - Benedict's solution

  1. Mix small amount of each food sample with distilled water to make a test liquid.
  2. To a test tube, add 40 drops of liquid to be tested.
  3. If testing more than one liquid, label each test tube with a marker.
  4. Add 10 drops of Benedict's solution to each test tube. Carefully heat the test tubes by suspending in a hot water bath at about 40-50 degrees celsius for five minutes.
  5. Note any color change. If sugar is present solution will turn green, yellow, or brick-red, depending on sugar concentration.

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