Celestron SkyProdigy 130 Telescope
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Mfr. Name: Celestron International
Mfr. Cat No: 31153
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Cat. No. - NC-12790
Price - $699.00
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Easy to assemble, setup and operate.

This is a simple to use and powerful telescope intended for those with little knowledge of astronomy or telescopes. All you have to do is turn the telescope on, press the "Align" button on the hand controller, and SkyProdigy will align itself to known patterns of stars in the sky to get its bearings. Soon it will be taking you on an exciting tour of outer space using the database of over 4,000 celestial objects. It’s that easy!

The SkyProdigy 130 Specifications...

  • Fully automatic alignment.
  • 130 mm (5.12 in) Newtonian Reflector.
  • 650 mm Focal Length.
  • ƒ/5 Focal Ratio.
  • Computer driven GO-TO Altazimuth Mount.
  • 4,000+ object database.
  • Weight: 18 lb.

SkyProdigy is the product of a culmination of decades of telescope advancements.  It combines electronic motors, an intelligent on-board computer, a digital camera and StarSense™ technology to create an automatic, instant alignment telescope. 

Part of the simplicity is the pre-assembled, adjustable, yet sturdy steel tripod. The SkyProdigy 130 can be up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. It can also be used as a great, land-based spotting telescope with the optional Celestron 45 degree Erecting Prism (NC-7162).

Special Features...

  • Fully automatic alignment procedure.
  • Fully computerized altazimuth mount.
  • Quick-release fork arm mount and optical tube for easy, quick no tool set up.
  • Sturdy stainless steel tripod and accessory tray.
  • SKY X First Light Edition software with everything you need to enhance your viewing experience and help you learn about the night sky.
  • Battery pack providing over 30 hours of power.
  • Two Year Warranty.

Complete SkyProdigy 130 telescope comes with...

  1. Optical tube.
  2. Fork arm.
  3. Pre-assembled tripod.
  4. Computerized hand control.
  5. Hand control holder.
  6. Star diagonal.
  7. Two eyepieces. 25mm (26X), 9mm (72X).
  8. Starpointer finderscope.
  9. Accessory tray.
  10. Battery holder.
  11. Owner’s manual.
  12. SkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software.