Original TEDCO Gyroscope
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Mfr. Name: Tedco Toys, Made in U.S.A.
Mfr. Cat No: 00006
Cat. No. - NC-11114
Price - $6.95
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Toy gyroscopes have been demonstrating the law of action and reaction for nearly 100 years. It is a classic educational toy that continues to fascinate with its mysterious gravity-defying force. Gyroscopes are at the heart of modern gyro-controlled guidance and navigation systems used on ships, airplanes, and spacecraft.

The Tedco gyroscope retains the original all-metal construction and design. It is precision engineered for near perfect balance, with mini-ball bearings for a long spin. Wind it with a pull string like a top. Ages 6+, Made in USA.

Tedco 'Original' gyroscope includes...

  • The Gyroscope.
  • Pedestal/tower.
  • Pull string.
  • Clear plastic cube to store and display your gyroscope.
  • Complete set of instructions.

Your gyroscope will spin merrily on its pedestal ... dance on a string tightrope ... balance perfectly on the lip of a drinking glass ... turn its cube box into a whirling dervish.

Do these other astounding tricks...

  • Place the spinning gyroscope on a tight wire or string, on the edge of an unbreakable drinking glass. On the edge of a yardstick or ruler, or on the edge of any sturdy surface.
  • Place the spinning gyroscope in its plastic box. Close the box and place the box corner on any surface. Watch the box spin around and around.

  • Place the spinning gyroscope so that it balances on the horizontal frame member. Place a second spinning gyro on the end of the first and they will maintain balance and position together.
  • Suspend the spinning gyroscope in a loop made by doubling the string. The gyroscope will maintain any angle above or below the horizontal at the bottom of the loop.