Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 30mL (1 oz.)
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Concentration: 1% in Ethanol.
Formula: (C6H4OH)2C2O2C6H4 (an approximation)
CAS: 77-09-8
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This 30ml (one ounce) bottle of phenolphthalein is 1% in Ethanol. Commonly used as a acid-base indicator, 8.2 (colorless) - 10 (red). Comes packed in convenient squeeze bottle for dispensing by the drop. Our Phenolphthalein is regularly stocked and will ship the next business day.

What is an acid-base indicator?
An acid-base indicator is a weak acid or a weak base. Indicators have a very useful property - they change color depending on the pH of the solution they are in. This color change is not at a fixed pH, but rather, it occurs gradually over a range of pH values. This range is termed the color change interval. Each pH indicator is defined by a useful pH range. For example Phenolphthalein changes from colorless at 8.2 to pink at 10. And Bromthymol Blue has a useful range from 6.0 (yellow) to 7.6 (blue).

How are liquid indicators used?
Liquid pH indicators are used to test other solutions. A few drops of the right indicator added to an unknown solution can tell you its pH value. Chemists use pH indicators in a common laboratory procedure called titration. Here, an unknown substance is measured by carefully adding a solution of known concentration until a neutral point is reached. The neutral point is indicated by the color change of a pH indicator mixed in with the unknown solution.