• Bell Jar and Vacuum Plate Combo, 1/2 gal.
  • Bell Jar and Vacuum Plate, 1/2 gal.
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Bell Jar...

  • Overall Size: 5 x 9 in.
  • Inside Diam: 5 in.
  • Inside Height: 8 in.
  • Wall: 3/16 in. or greater.

Vacuum Plate...

  • Size: 10" wide, 8" tall,
  • Weight: 6 pounds.
Cat No. - NC-12891
Price: $129.95


The bell jar (NC-8815) is hand blown heavy duty, 1/2 gallon flint glass, with top closed and a glass knob.

The vacuum pump plate (NC-14260) mounted on a sturdy aluminum base features...

  • Ten inch diameter vacuum plate with a rubber seal which facilitates sealing in bell jar experiments.
  • Sturdy painted aluminum tripod base.
  • 5/16" barbed fitting for connection to pump.
  • Stopcock for air regulation in central pillar.
  • Made from quality aluminum metal for increased stability and durability.
  • Size: Approx. 10" wide, 8" tall, and weighs 6 pounds.

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