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Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 Telescope

  • NC-13719
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Celestron’s signature telescopes reach a new level with NexStar Evolution 8, the first Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with integrated WiFi. Leave your hand control behind and slew to all the best celestial objects with a tap of your smartphone or tablet. Connect your device to NexStar Evolution’s built-in wireless network, and explore the universe with the Celestron mobile app for iOS and Android.

Forget about batteries or an external power supply. For the first time ever on a consumer telescope, NexStar Evolution includes its own built-in battery. With this ultra-long life lithium-iron phosphate battery, you’ll be able to enjoy stargazing marathons up to 10 hours on a single charge. You can even use NexStar Evolution’s USB charge port to top-off the other devices in your life that need to stay powered on during an observing session. An intelligent power management system senses when battery levels are low and goes into power-saving mode to keep your telescope running for as long as possible.

NexStar Evolution 8 Quick Specifications...

  • Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Aperture: 203.2mm (8 in)
  • Focal Length: 2032mm (80 in)
  • Focal Ratio: ƒ/10
  • Finderscope: StarPointer

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NexStar Evolution is equipped with four auxiliary ports — two on top of the fork and two on the bottom. A classic NexStar+ hand control is included, but is not necessary when using NexStar Evolution with the mobile app. The telescope also includes a StarPointer finderscope, two 1.25” Plossl eyepieces (13mm & 40mm), a 1.25” star diagonal, and an AC adapter.


  • Explore the Universe and control your NexStar Evolution telescope with the free Celestron SkyPortal app for iOS and Android!
  • Compact, portable 6-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with StarBright XLT optical coatings and Fastar compatibility.
  • StarPointer finderscope to help with alignment and accurately locating objects.
  • Computerized GoTo mount with high-performance worm gears and motors for improved tracking accuracy, along with reduced gear backlash.
  • Rechargeable lithium-iron battery with enough power for 10 hours of continuous observing.
  • Improved industrial design with manual clutches and integrated carry handles.
  • Convenience of two accessory trays.
  • USB charge port for your smart device.

What's in the box...

  • Optical Tube Assembly.
  • NexStar+ controller.
  • 1.25” Star Diagonal.
  • 40mm Plössl Eyepiece.
  • 13mm Plössl Eyepiece.
  • StarPointer Red Dot Finderscope.
  • Fork Mount.
  • Tripod.
  • Accessory Tray (2).
  • AC Adapter with USA, EU, UK and AU plugs.


  • Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Aperture: 203.2 mm
  • Focal Length: 2032 mm
  • Focal Ratio: 10
  • Focal Length of Eyepiece 1: 40 mm
  • Focal Length of Eyepiece 2: 13mm
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 1: 51x
  • Magnification of Eyepiece 2: 156x
  • Finderscope: StarPointer
  • Star Diagonal: 1.25"
  • Mount Type: Single Fork Arm Altazimuth
  • Tripod: Stainless steel
  • Power Requirements: Internal battery included
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 480x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification: 29x
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 14
  • Resolution (Rayleigh): 0.69 arc seconds
  • Resolution (Dawes): 0.57 arc seconds
  • Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 843x
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 2.5 in
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area: 9.77%
  • Optical Coatings: StarBright XLT
  • Optical Tube Length: 17 in
  • Total Telescope Kit Weight: 40.6 lbs
  • Max Slew Speed: 4 degrees per second
  • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
  • Alignment Procedures: SkyAlign, 3-Star Align, Solar System Align
  • Communication Ports: 1 hand control and 3 aux ports for optional accessories
  • Evo App Database: Over 120,000 including 220 of the best deep sky and solar system objects
  • USB Charge Port: Yes


  • AC outlet to charge the telescope with the supplied AC power adapter.
  • An Apple iOS device with iOS 7.0 and later or an Android device with Android 4.0 if used without the included NexStar+ hand control.
  • Free download of Celestron SkyPortal app from the App Store or Google Play if used without the included NexStar+ hand control.
  • Phillips head screwdriver to install the StarPointer red dot finder.