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Celestron Power Tank, 12V/7Ah Power Supply (18774)

  • NC-8944
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The Power Tank is more than a simple 12V power supply. It has many added features to make your viewing sessions easier and safer. This new model includes two 5V USB ports for charging USB devices.

  • The built-in handle and compact size make the Power Tank easy to carry. Its 7-amp hour battery will last for many viewing sessions before a battery recharge is necessary.
  • The Power Tank has two 12V output cigarette lighter ports with protective covers.
  • There is a built-in flashlight with a red filter cap and an energy efficient LED emergency spotlight.
  • A 110V AC adapter for recharging and a cigarette lighter adapter are included. The DC power cord is meant for Celestron telescopes only. Those planning to power Meade scopes will still need a #607 (or equivalent) DC power cord.
  • Finally, there is a built-in circuit breaker for safety and separate on-off switches for the battery and flashlights.

Power Tank Features...

  • 7-amp hour.
  • Two 12V output cigarette lighter ports.
  • Two USB 5VDC output ports.
  • Built-in flashlight with red filter cap.
  • Energy efficient LED emergency spotlight.
  • Booster terminal on rear side.
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker for safety.
  • Cigarette lighter adapter included.
  • AC adapter included.