• Charcoal, Activated, Granular, 500g
  • Charcoal, Activated, Granular, 500g
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Chemical Grade: Lab
CAS: 7440-44-0
U.S. DOT: Not Regulated.
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Cat No. - NC-12151
Price: $24.95


This granular activated charcoal has a mesh size of 12 to 40. It is ideal for filtering and clarifying solutions. The granular form is most often used in the home or garden, while tablets and powder are designed and processed for human consumption and other medicinal uses.

Along with professional use to filter water in such as aquariums and ponds, it is used to eliminate household odors and can be used to aid digestion in pets and commercial birds. In the garden it acts as a soil conditioner and a natural fertilizer per some sources.

Charcoal uses date back to 3700 BC where it was used in manufacture of bronze and other metals. Egyptian papyri cite charcoal applications for medicinal purposes. Phoenician trading ships in 450 BC stored water in charcoal lined casks.

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