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Stainless Steel Ball Joint Clip, for 35/20 JointStainless Steel Ball Joint Clip, for 35/20 Joint
This No. 35 stainless steel joint clip is used to hold size 35/20 spherical glass ball-and-socket joints. It is spring loaded and easily adjustable. NC-13799
3-finger ClampThree Finger Clamp
This laboratory glassware clamp is 10 inches long with covered jaws. Three finger clamps are used to hold larger pieces of glassware and odd-shaped objects. Use optionally available Bosshead Clamp Holder for attaching to support stand rods. NC-7803
Three Finger Clamp, Powder CoatedThree Finger Clamp, Powder Coated
White Finish Double Buret ClampWhite Finish Double Buret Clamp
The VEE GEE white finish double buret clamp holds two burets from micro to 100mL sizes. Pair with the 8x12 Non-corrosive Lab Stand. NC-13877

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