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Nutrient Agar Ready-To-Pour 350mlNutrient Agar, Ready-To-Pour, 350ml
Nutrient agar is used to culture a wide range of bacteria, molds and yeasts. The 350ml bottle of agar can fill 12 to 15 100x15mm petri dishes. Directions for preparation and use are included.
Parafilm M Laboratory Film, 4 inch  x 1 footParafilm M Laboratory Film, 4 inch x 1 foot
Sold here by the foot.
Parafilm® M is a versatile, moisture-resistant, flexible plastic for a wide variety of medical, scientific laboratory and industrial applications. NC-13278
Sterile Cotton Inoculating Swabs / Pk10Sterile Cotton Inoculating Swabs / Pk10
Pack of ten individually wrapped, sterile swabs for bacteria collection and transfer. Each sterile swab has one cotton tip on the end of a 5-3/4 inch long sturdy wooden stick. Each individually packaged in an easy peel-away paper wrapper. NC-7335
Tryptic Soy Agar Prepared Petri Plates, Pk 10Tryptic Soy Agar Prepared Petri Plates, Pk 10
You get 10 sterile-wrapped plates of tryptic soy agar with 5% sheep's blood nutrient. Ideal for general bacteria growth science projects when handled properly. NC-1802

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