Dewar Style Vacuum Cold Trap Kit, 500mL

  • NC-14268
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This kit features a large Synthware® Glass Dewar Style Vacuum Cold Trap, a heavy stamped steel lab stand, and all the clamps required to hold the trap secure while in use..

This size trap is used for large volume solvent removal from vacuum lines during extraction operations. It features a 95x330mm dry-ice chamber, 500mL reservoir, and glass stopcock. The wide top opening is easy to fill with dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or acetone coolants. The glass stopcock provides improved vacuum performance over Teflon stopcocks. A small vial of vacuum grease is provided for the stopcock.

Cold Trap Kit Includes...

  • 1x Dewar Style Cold Trap. 
  • 1x Lab Stand, 36 inch.
  • 1x Chain Clamp.
  • 1x Three-finger Clamp.
  • 2x Bosshead Clamp.
  • 1x Vacuum Grease Vial.

Cold Trap Specifications...

  • Glassware Height: 559mm
  • Inner Chamber ID X Depth: 75mm x 275mm
  • Lower Reservoir Capacity: 500mL
  • Hose Connections: 10mm
  • Stopcock Diameter: 4 mm
  • Stopcock Material: Glass

Lab Stand Specifications...

  • Rod: Steel, 36" long, 1/2" nickel plated.
  • Base: Heavy stamped steel, acid-resistant.
  • Base Size: 6" x 11"

Three-Finger Clamp Specifications...

  • Construction: Powder coated high grade zinc alloy.
  • Jaws: Vinyl coated, providing a firm grip on objects up to 100mm in diam.
  • Connecting Rod: Stainless steel, 14mm long and 10mm diam.

Bosshead Clamp Specifications...

  • Construction: Heavy duty with chemical-resistant blue powder coating.
  • Clamping Screws: Thick 7mm steel.
  • Length: 4-1/4" with thumb screws completely in.

Chain Clamp Specifications...

  • Chain Length: 19" 
  • Extension Arm Length: 7.75"
  • Extension Arm Diam.: 0.475"