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Bomex Beaker 1000mlJacketed Borosilicate Beaker, 1000mL
This flat bottom borosilicate glass beaker is for maintaining samples at a constant temperature, cooling or warming. With external jacket, through which a thermostatically controlled medium can be circulated via the inlet/outlet side-arms, and approximate graduations. NC-14388
Claisen Adapter, 24/40 JointsKjeldahl Distilling Trap Adapter, 24/40 Joints
This Kjeldahl trap features two standard taper 24/40 male socket joints. It stands 7-3/8 inches tall. The 75° angled descending arm is 4 inches long. NC-12232
Liebig Condenser, 24/40, 300mmLiebig Condenser, 24/40, 300mm
Made of Borosilicate, heat-resistant glass. Sealed inner jacket is straight and offers large surface area for efficient cooling. NC-0264
Partial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -10/260CPartial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -10/260C
This highly accurate Easy-Read® Enviro-Safe® liquid lhermometer has nonhazardous, nontoxic, biodegradeable liquid and dye. NC-13747
Partial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -20/250C, 10/18 jointPartial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -20/250C, 10/18 joint
This thermometer features a 10/18 ground glass joint with a 25mm partial immersion length. Perfect for use with our NC-13851 Jacketed Still Head. NC-13852
Partial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -20/250C, 14/20 jointPartial Immersion Lab Thermometer, -20/250C, 14/20 joint
This thermometer features a 14/20 ground glass joint with a 44.5mm partial immersion length. Perfect for use with our NC-14146 and NC-14147 Jacketed Still Heads. NC-14150
Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnel, 500mL, 24/40Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnel, 500mL, 24/40
This 500 mL Pressure Equalizing Funnel is borosilicate glass with PTFE stopcock, standard taper 24/40 joint top and bottom, drip stem, and pressure equalizing arm. NC-13771
PTFE Joint Sleeve for 24/40 Ground Glass JointsPTFE Joint Sleeve for 24/40 Ground Glass Joints
Reusable PTFE sleeves for greaseless connections are inserted between standard taper ground glass joints to prevent seizing and galling. NC-13855
Reaction Vessel Clamp, 150mm, Quick ReleaseReaction Vessel Clamp, 150mm, Quick Release
Made entirely from stainless steel, this clamp has three sections that firmly holds together a reaction vessel and its lid. Quick release mechanism has a screw adjustment for tension applied to the flange. NC-14107
Graham Condenser 24/40 300mmReflux Coil Condenser (Dimroth), 24/40, 300mm
This Dimroth Reflux Condenser is made of 3.3 borosilicate, heat-resistant glass. Coolant flows through the tightly wrapped inner coil and returns to the top through a central tube and vapors condense inside the outer tube. NC-14109
Scilogex RE100-Pro Rotary Evaporator, 1000mL or 2000mLScilogex RE100-Pro Rotary Evaporator, 1000mL or 2000mL
The Scilogex RE100-Pro Rotary Evaporator features a large 5L water/oil heating bath and has a temperature range from ambient to 180°C. Choice of 1L or 2L (+$67.40) options. NC-13645
Rubber Stopper, #000Septum Stopper, White Rubber, for 14/20 Joints
"Sleeve" style septum with hollow plug for use with 14/20 outer joint. Top is flanged with an extension that folds down over the neck of a vessel for a tight seal. The diaphragm can be punctured readily with a syringe needle. Puncture seals automatically after the needle is withdrawn. NC-14467

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