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Power Tank 12V/7Ah Power SupplyCelestron Power Tank, 12V/7Ah Power Supply (18774)
Celestron's mobile 12v power station with spot light and two 5V USB ports for charging USB devices. NC-8944
Celestron Power Tank, Lithium  LT (18763)Celestron Power Tank, Lithium LT (18763)
This portable power pack for your computerized Celestron telescope using Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide [LiNiMnCoO2] or NMC technology.  Uses a built-in voltage regulator to ensure that it delivers at least 11.8 volts for most of the life of the battery, until the battery is depleted and shuts off. NC-14391

Mini UV Lamp, SW UVG-4Mini UV Lamp, Shortwave UVG-4
4-watt model with 254 nm shortwave. Excellent for office or quick field inspection. Lamp is lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket. A nylon strap is attached for easy handling. Operate on 4 AA batteries. NC-0580
My First Lab Ultimate Microscope - Student Scope MFL-05My First Lab Microscope - Ultimate Student Scope MFL-05
Has a built-in illuminator on a base with a rechargeable battery LED light source. The detachable AC power cord can power the light or recharge the battery for portable use. 40X, 100X and 400XR magnifications. NC-9631