• Lab Thermometer, Dual Scale: 0-230°F, 0-110°C
  • Lab Thermometer, Dual Scale: 0-230°F, 0-110°C
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  Student grade, red alcohol, Partial Immersion / Yellow Back. 0-230°F x 2°, -20-110°C x 1°. 12 inch.
Cat No. - NC-1019
Price: $5.95


This dual scale thermometer only has to be immersed 76mm into liquid to give accurate reading. Also works well for air temperature. The diameter of this glass thermometer is 6.25mm. Anti-roll device included.

Partial immersion thermometers are appropriate for any application where total immersion is impractical or impossible, such as in a shallow water bath.


  • Liquid: Non-mercury, Non-toxic, Red.
  • Immersion Type: Partial.
  • Immersion Line: Three inch (76mm)
  • Backing: Yellow.
  • Scale °C: -20 to 110°; Divisions: 1°.
  • Scale °F: 0 to 230°; Divisions: 2°.
  • Accuracy: ±2°C
  • Length: 12" (304mm).
  • Glass O.D.: Approx 0.25" (6.25mm).

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