Pink Europium Glow Powder

  • NC-14678
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Glow 10x brighter and 10x longer than your traditional glow-in-the-dark materials!

Europium Glow Powder is a new generation of phosphorescent powder that can glow 10x brighter and 10x longer than traditional glow-in-the-dark materials. It glows bright enough to be seen in daylight, lasts up to 30 hours, and can be recharged indefinitely.

The powder is produced by doping strontium aluminate with the rare-earth element europium while heated using molten salts to form nanoscale crystals. These crystals absorb light from across the spectrum, which they then re-emit slowly at a specific wavelength.

Mix the glow powder with light-colored paints to make objects glow, add to glaze to make glowing pottery, or just leave it in the jar to impress guests. Try mixing into Liquid Glass Crystal Clear Thinking Putty for a sparkly, glow-in-the-dark effect!

Each 1/2 oz jar of powder has an accompanying information card.