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pH Paper, 1-14 range, 15 ft. roll, PK/10pH Test Paper, 1-14 Range, 15 ft. roll, PK/10
Buy quantity and save! A full carton of ten full-range pH test papers in single roll dispensers with color chart. NC-0692-PK
pH Paper, 5.5-8.0 range, 15 ft. rollpH Test Paper, 5.5-8.0 Range, 15 ft. roll
A 5.5 to 8.0 range pH test paper in a single roll dispenser with color chart. NC-1235
pH Test Pencils, 0-13 Range, Pk/3 PencilspH Test Pencils, 0-13 Range, Pk/3 Pencils
The Hydrion pH test pencil measures the pH of any surface, usable almost anywhere. Pack contains 3 pencils, 3 color charts and directions. NC-4001
pH Strips, 1-12 range, vial, 100 stripspH Test Strips, 1-12 Range, Vial, 100 Strips
Vial contains 100 test strips showing a range of 1-12 pH. A reading suitable for student or general use. NC-12412
Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 1 oz.Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 1 oz.
1% in Ethanol. pH indicator, 8.2 (colorless) - 10 (red). Comes packed in convenient squeeze bottle for dispensing by the drop. NC-0700
Phenolphthalein, 500mL (16 oz.)Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 16 oz.
1% in ethanol — pH indicator, 8.2 (colorless) - 10 (red). This 16oz. bottle ships Standard Ground only. NC-3523
Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 125mL (4 oz.)Phenolphthalein pH Indicator, 4 oz.
1% in ethanol — pH indicator, 8.2 (colorless) - 10 (red). Comes packed in HDPE squeeze bottle with PP flip top cap for dispensing by the drop. This 4oz. bottle ships Standard Ground only. NC-9102
pH-Fix Test Strips, 0-14. Pk/100pH-Fix Test Strips, 0-14. Pk/100
This commercial quality pH paper from Macherey-Nagel contains 100 color-fixed, non-bleeding, indicator sticks. NC-0690
Red Litmus Paper - (Base test)Red Litmus Paper - (Base test)
The red litmus will turn blue when it comes into contact with an alkaline solution above pH 8.3. Supplied in plastic snapcap container, about 100 paper strips per container. NC-0592
Turn Water Into Wine KitTurn Water Into Wine Kit

Here is what you need to create the illusion of turning water into wine. This illusion utilizes a pH indicator and a change in pH from neutral to basic which causes a clear solution to instantly become a red solution. NC-12832

/Understanding pH - What it is and how to measure it.
The pH scale can tell if a liquid is more acid or more base. The range of the pH scale is from 0 to 14 from very acidic to very basic.

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