• pH Test Paper, 5.5-8.0 Range, 15 ft. roll
  • pH Test Paper, 5.5-8.0 Range, 15 ft. roll
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Cat No. - NC-1235
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Single roll dispenser with 15 foot roll and color chart. Simply dip a short piece of the 7/32 inch wide test paper in your solution, wait five seconds for color change, then match strip color to color chart. These sensitive test strip measures pH in 0.2 pH steps.

For those monitoring the body's pH level via saliva, urine and other bodily fluids, many people find paper in this range to be very good. Note that papers are for in vitro use only. Not to be used internally. Your sample should be placed in a small cup or dish before testing.

Store unused test paper in a dry location away from sunlight for maximum shelf life.

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