Chromatography Column, 24/40, 300mm, Vacuum Port

  • NC-14349
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This Glass Chromatography Column has a 300mm body, 10mm vacuum port and a fritted glass porous filter plate.

This column is designed to hold purification media such as silica gel. In cannabis extraction, for example, undesirable plant phytochemicals such as chlorophyll will adhere to silica absorbents packed in the column while the desirable terpenes and cannabinoids will pass through for collection.

  • Body OD: 35mm.
  • Column Length: 300mm.
  • Volume: 250ml.
  • Joint: 24/40 Ground Joint.
  • Filter: Coarse 3#, Filtration Pore Diameter: 15-40 Micron.
  • Glass: G3.3 Borosilicate
  • Vac Port: 10mm (3/8")