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Fluorescent Glow-In-The-Dark Readmission Ink, 16oz

  • NC-6018
Price: $44.31
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Perfect for large events such as county fairs, golf tournaments, etc!

Blak-Ray® black light invisible ink is made to fluoresce brightly under longwave UV light. The ink is non-toxic, fast drying and chlorine resistant. Used to control access and reentry to events and places. Choose from two colors, blue or green. Quantity is 16 ounces.

Use-benefits include...

  • Ready-made - no mixing.
  • Strong, long-lasting invisible ink.
  • Blue or green color fluoresces brightly under longwave UV light.
  • Chlorine resistant for swimming pool use.
  • Ink mark invisible to the eye under ordinary light.
  • Long lasting, with only small amounts used on stamp pads.

Suggestions for use...

Apply a rubber stamp imprint with the fluorescent ink to a patron's hand or surfaces such as tickets, documents and textiles. The ink is invisible on the skin, dries in seconds and cannot be washed off or transferred. For added control of traffic and security, suggest the marking pattern and/or color be changed periodically.

Caution: Readmission ink is solvent based and a fire risk. Only ships to destinations within the 48 contiguous US states and Canada using Standard Ground by FedEx or UPS • No air deliveries allowed • Customers in Canada should expect additional duties, taxes, and customs clearance service fees due upon delivery.