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  • CHWB1011

LDPE 2-Color Acetone Wash Bottle, 500mL (16oz)

  • NC-14173
Price: $9.95
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This Eisco® self venting and easy to read wash bottle features codes and symbols for handling acetone in a recognized format. It is ready for use when you transfer the acetone from the manufacturer’s containers.


  • 500ml capacity
  • Easy to read labeling, including chemical information and safety warnings (2 colors)
  • Self venting design
  • Made of low density polyethylene
  • Color coded screw cap, nozzle and chemical information for easy identification

Performance plastic with flex ink. Ink won't fade, crack or peel. Each bottle features a two piece construction, consisting of the bottle and leak proof cap with built in nozzle. The low density polyethylene plastic is very responsive, with smooth bounce back that won't get stiff over time. Easy to control squeeze for dispensing.

This acetone wash bottle has a cap coded red. It measures 9" in total height (5.25" bottle alone) and 2.9" diameter. Bottle opening has an inner diameter of 1.7" and an outer diameter measuring 1.9".