• 1% aqueous.
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Methylene Blue Stain, 16 oz.

  • M-2125
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Our methylene blue is in a 1% aqueous solution. It is a blue dye commonly used as a biological stain to visualize cells and tissues under the microscope.

There are several ways in which methylene blue can be used as a stain. One method is to add a small amount to a cell or tissue sample, and then observe the sample under the microscope. The dye will bind to specific cellular structures, such as DNA or proteins, and can be used to differentiate between different types of cells or tissues. For example, methylene blue can be used to distinguish between different types of blood cells, or to identify specific types of bacteria in a culture.

For manufacturing, industrial, and laboratory use only. Use as a laboratory reagent. Not for food, drug, or household use.