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Basic Patina Chemical Kit With Four Chemicals

  • NC-13258
Price: $52.95
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• Ferric Chloride • Ferric Nitrate
• Sulphurated Potash • Cupric Nitrate

This beginning kit includes four of our most popular patina chemicals for use on copper, brass, and bronze. These will help you create a wide variety of shades, including tans, browns, red browns, greys and blacks. Included are six patina recipes and our Guide to Patina Creation to get you started.

This kit will help you achieve the all important base color needed on copper, before going on to different, more vibrant colors.

Basic Patina Kit Includes...

  • Ferric Chloride, 100g.
  • Ferric Nitrate, 100g.
  • Sulphurated Potash, 100g.
  • Cupric Nitrate, 100g — For you to try your hand at turquoise colors.
  • Patina recipes (6)
  • Guide to Patina Creation

SAFETY: Wear chemical splash goggles, disposable gloves, and a lab chemical apron. Youths should handle these chemicals under supervision.

Also included is our Guide to Patina Creation covering...

  • Metal preparation.
  • Basic equipment needed.
  • Maintenance of your patinas.
  • Safety.
  • Variables that might affect your patina results.

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