Beam Splitter Dichroic Glass X-Cube

  • NC-14651
Price: $12.95
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The Beam Splitter Dichroic Glass X-Cube is a .75 inch square glass cube made of several lab-grade glass prisms with special optical filtering coatings. Catch the light on it just right, and it fills with a vibrant rainbow of color! This isn’t just a prism, either. Each of its faces illuminates in a distinct color, and the colors even change when you look through different sides!

Each cube comes safely nested in a protective container.

How It Works...

A Dichroic cube is a special arrangement of filters and prisms that can reflect different colors of light in different directions. When light enters one face of the cube, the special reflection coatings inside the prism either reflect light or pass through light depending on its wavelength. These coatings are called dichroic coatings, or “two-colored”, referring to the two colors that split off when they meet the coating. One coating reflects only red light and sends it out one side of the cube, and another only reflects blue light, sending it out another side. The remaining light passes straight through the cube.

Beam Splitter