Boric Acid, Food Grade, 125g

  • NF / Food Grade
  • H3BO3
  • 10043-35-3
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  • NC-12144
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This NF / Food grade, boric acid is in fine granular form, equivalent in texture to grains of sugar or fine white beach sand.

Boric acid has multiple uses in a range of consumer and industrial products. As a mild antiseptic, it is in formulas for infections, used in contact eye solutions and often added to lotions and creams in cosmetics. Its range of use is from being a component in nutritional supplements to acting as a flame retardant and insecticide.

Boric Acid is also an effective fungicide and often cures athlete’s foot where creams have failed. Recipe: 2 t boric acid to 1 C rubbing alcohol as drying agent of water. Apply with swabs.


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