• Vee Gee Scientific, Inc.
    or Bomex
  • 20149-1000
  • 1000mL
  • 27 for PET
    or 29 for Glass
  • 4
  • 12 x 70mm
  • 400mm

Borosilicate Separatory Funnel, 1000mL

  • NC-0466
Price: $69.99
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This 1000mL Squibb Pear-Shaped borosilicate separatory funnel meets ASTM E1096 TYPE 4 specification for classification, design, and markings. Made from quality borosilicate tubing.


  • Large, white block letters.
  • White marking square.
  • PTFE stopcock.
  • Polyethylene or ground glass top stopper.

The separatory funnel is used primarily in extraction procedures. The sloping sides are designed to make it easy to distinguish layers. The inert nonstick stopcock-controlled outlet on the bottom is designed to allow the liquid to be drained out of the funnel.