Cupric Nitrate, 500g

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  • Cu(NO3)2 - 3H2O
  • 10031-43-3
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  • UN1477, Class 5.1, PG III
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  • NC-7972
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Cupric nitrate, (AKA copper nitrate) is a strong oxidizing agent and an inorganic salt. Appearing as a blue-green crystalline solid that is soluble in water and alcohol.


  • Used as a mordant in textile dyeing to help fix the dye to the fabric fibers.
  • Being a strong oxidizing agent, it is useful in the production of fireworks to produce green flames.
  • Used by artists in metal patination to create a range in color from green to blue, depending on the concentration of the solution and the specific metal being patinated.

Used in the following metal patina formulas:

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