Cylinder / Beaker / Bottle Cleaning Brush, 20 inch

  • NC-13288
Price: $6.95
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This laboratory glassware cleaning brush is ideal for reaching to the bottom of beakers, bottles, and large graduated cylinders.

Constructed of twisted-in-wire black nylon stiff bristles, with a tufted tip. Stiff bristles provide effective scrubbing. Designed to thoroughly clean the bottom and corners of beakers without scratching. Scratched glass is more prone to break during experiments, especially when the piece is heated.

  • Brush is a total 20 inches long.
  • Brush with tufted tip is 6 inches long by 2-3/8 inch wide in black nylon.
  • Twisted wire handle is 1/4 inches dia. with hanging loop.
  • Easily fits into a 1-1/2" opening or larger.