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Borosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 24/40 Joint, 2000mLBorosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 24/40 Joint, 2000mL
This 2000mL borosilicate glass Erlenmeyer flask features a standard taper 24/40 ground glass mouth. NC-12238
Chromatography Column, 24/40, 300mmChromatography Column, 24/40, 300mm
Made of Borosilicate, heat-resistant G3.3 glass. With PTFE stopcock and fritted glass porous filter plate. NC-14077
Claisen Adapter, 24/40 JointsClaisen Adapter, 24/40 Joints
This 3-Way Claisen borosilicate glass adapter features two parallel standard taper 24/40 outer (female socket) joints on top connected to a single standard taper 24/40 inner (male) joint at the bottom. NC-0018
Diatomaceous Earth, 500gDiatomaceous Earth, 500g
Diatomaceous Earth (AKA Silica) is most commonly used in the laboratory as a filter aid because of it’s microscopically fine, sharp edges will not pack too closely. NC-10952
Student Distillation Apparatus 24/40 jointsDistillation Apparatus, 24/40 joints
All ground glass distilling apparatus includes all components for distillation of water, solvents, essential oils and more. NC-11663
Distillation Arm, 60/50 to 24/40 JointDistillation Arm, 60/50 to 24/40 Joint
This borosilicate glass distillation arm is designed to connect a boiling flask to a condenser as part of a distillation apparatus. It is a replacement part used in our 2L Distillation Apparatus. NC-13209
Distillation Column Thermal Insulation WrapDistillation Column Thermal Insulation Wrap
Thermal wrap your distillation column to prevent heat loss and increase the efficiency. Made from high temperature-resistant material. Length: 15 meters. Width: 25mm. NC-14136
Distilling Adapter 105 degree, with tapered tipDistilling Adapter 105 deg., Tapered Tip, 24/40 Joints
Features a standard taper 24/40 outer (female socket) joint on top and a standard taper inner (male) joint on the bottom. A tapered drip tip aids in directing condensate downward when using this adapter with a condenser. NC-11932
Distilling Adapter 105 degree, with tapered tipDistilling Adapter, 75 deg., 24/40 Joints

The arms on this boroslicate tube adapter are approximately 75° apart. Both ends are equipped with an inner 24/40 Standard Taper joints. Often used as a stillhead adapter. NC-0012

Dow Corning High Vacuum GreaseDow Corning High Vacuum Grease, 150g
Used as a sealant for vacuum, distillation, and pressure systems. Lubricates valves, stopcocks, and synthetic rubber gaskets and seals in high temperature applications. Used to lubricate O-rings in telescopes and binoculars, and can prevent fogging of lenses. NC-1087
Free Ground Shipping - 2L Steam Distillation ApparatusFree Ground Shipping - 2L Steam Distillation Apparatus
This kit contains almost all the equipment needed to start making your own essential oils. The extra-large 60/50 ground glass top opening of the 2 liter biomass flask makes it easy to add and remove a large volume of plant material. NC-13223
GL14 Open Top, Bent, Hose ConnectorGL14 Open Top, Bent, Hose Connector
This polypropylene hose connection, with a silicone rubber seal, is used with a GL screw-thread connector, size GL14. Enables the connection of cooling or vacuum hose. NC-14144

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