• 95-0249-01
  • 95-0249-02
  • 2300µW/cm² @ 3"
  • 254nm

EL Series UV Lamp, SW, 8W, UVS-28

  • NC-12282
Price: $741.84
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This Model UVS-28 UV lamp is a hand-held 8-watt model equipped with two 254 nm shortwave tubes that operate at the same time. It is manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing and scratch resistant powder paint.

Very lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the optional J-138 stand (NC-4983) for hands free operation. Uses 115V A/C current with an 8 ft. cord.

Return Policy: Ultraviolet lamps from Analytik Jena (UVP) have a 20% restocking fee.

Applications Include...


UV Light can react with the chemicals of a mineral specimen and cause it to glow, called fluorescence. Color and intensity of the fluorescence can identifty many materials. Some minerals and gemstones will fluoresce under shortwave UV ligh and not fluoresce under longwave.