Flame Test Chemical Kit With Five Chemicals

  • Demonstrate chemical flame colors with this set of 5. You get 10 grams of each chemical.

  • NC-12053
Price: $21.95
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• Strontium Chloride • Sodium Carbonate
• Cupric Sulfate • Potassium Chloride • Cupric Chloride

Our flame test kit is an inexpensive way to visually determine the identity and presence of a metal or metalloid ion based on the color the chemical sample turns when placed in a flame.

To perform the test, wet a nichrome wire loop, as in an inoculating loop in pure alcohol (not included in this kit), pick up a small sample of one of the chemicals. Place the loop with the chemical in the hottest portion of a flame from a burner. Notice the color of the flame as the chemical sample burns.

Note that the wire should be well cleaned by dipping in alcohol between samples so no dust etc. interferes with the true color in the test sample flame. Stainless steel spatulas can also be used.

SAFETY: Wear chemical splash goggles, a lab chemical apron and youths should perform under supervision.

STORAGE OF CHEMICALS: Some of these chemicals are hygroscopic (i.e. they will absorb moisture from the air). Keep cap well sealed when not in use. If a chemical becomes slushy, try storing vial in a sealed container along with some desiccant such as a silica gel packet to remove the excess moisture.

ANOTHER OPTION: You can also demonstrate flame colors by making a small pile of one of the chemicals and wetting it with a few drops of flammable alcohol. Igniting the alcohol will burn the chemical and show its characteristic flame color.

To test an unknown mineral, compare its observed flame color with the known values from such as the list below:

Flame Color Chemical (kit contains 10 grams each)
RED Strontium Chloride
YELLOW Sodium Carbonate
GREEN Cupric Sulfate
VIOLET Potassium Chloride
BLUE Cupric Chloride


  • “SALTS” – Above chemicals are categorized chemically as salts, ionic compounds produced by reacting an acid with a base.
  • METALOID ION – Resembles a metal; a non-metal which can combine with a metal to form an alloy.


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