Food Chemistry Testing

Studies to learn those chemical processes taking place inside food tell us what is safe to eat, make sure the quality is consistant and even appetising - studies that do flavor and texture analyses, aroma, temperature effects and calorie analysis.

Testing for Sugar, Protein, or Fat...

Carbohydrates make up a group of organic compounds which supply the body with energy and include sugars and starches. Some starches provide your body with the roughage or fiber to aid digestion.

Proteins are organic compounds important for growth and repair. Fats (e.g.lipids) can supply as much as four times the amount of energy as carbohydrates or proteins.

Vitamins have the excellent reputation of protecting from disease and also aid in growth. And now there are 13 currently universally recognized vitamins. A vitamin is an organic compound, called a vitamin when it must be obtained from diet as it cannot be sufficiently synthesized by the body.

The Experiments

  1. Sugar with Benedict's solution.
  2. Protein with Biuret solution.
  3. Fat with Sudan III stain.
  4. Vitamin C with Vitamin C Reagent
  5. How much sugar is in my soda?