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Free Ground Shipping - Full Sized (67 inch) Human Skeleton

  • NC-5962
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This life sized (5' 7") skeleton model is designed as a visual aid for teaching physiology. It is of an adult male mounted upright on a heavy duty base with smooth gliding casters..

The model features unbreakable plastic bones cast to preserve the finest details. The mandible is hinged; the arms, legs and skull are removable; and the calvarium (brain case) is sectioned for study of the cranial vault. There is natural movement in the joints wherever possible. The jaw features a full set of teeth, three of which are removable for close examination. The spinal column shows the spinal cord, nerve exits, vertebral arteries, and a herniated disk.


  • Hinged mandible.
  • Constructed of rugged plastic with a heavy metal base and gliding casters.
  • Jaw has full set of teeth with three removable.
  • Legs and skull are removable.
  • Included is a detailed key.
  • Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Shpg. Weight: 33.5 lbs