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Balancing Bird ToyBalancing Bird Toy
A fun creature shaped as a bird in flight and which can balance by its beak on most surfaces, including your fingertip. Wingspread is 6-1/2 inches. NC-11799
The Brew Your Own Root Beer KitBrew Your Own Root Beer Kit
Enjoy brewing your own root beer at home. Make up to two gallons of delicious and naturally carbonated root beer, using your own recycled plastic soda bottles. Ages 8+. NC-4214
The Bubble Gum KitBubble Gum Kit
Do it yourself or join with your friends to make over a half pound of smooth and delicious bubble gum. Lots of fun and easy to do! Ages 8+. NC-4134
Caffeine Beaker MugCaffeine Molecule Beaker Mug, 400ml
On one side of this beaker mug is a caffeine molecule, enameled in white and on the other side it has graduations up to 400mL. Microwave safe. NC-12678
Grow a Green CrystalGrow a Green Crystal
Grow sparkling, green crystals overnight from a safe solution of potassium aluminum sulfate. Ages 8+ NC-13998
Hot Head Angry Thinking PuttyHot Head Angry Thinking Putty
  • Color: Red
  • Features: Strechable, Soft Texture
  • Ages: 8+
  • SKU: NC-14382
Hypercolor Foaming Hand Soap, Berry, 7.5ozHypercolor Foaming Hand Soap, Berry, 7.5oz
Precision TEDCO GyroscopePrecision TEDCO Gyroscope
This Tedco Precision gyroscope is a modern version of the classic Tedco gyroscope. Utilizing a precision plastic wheel and frame with ball bearings, this gyroscope can be started with a T handle rip cord for quicker and easier use. Colors may vary. Ages 8+. Made in USA. NC-14119
Radiometer - Light MillRadiometer - Light Mill
The Sphere Powered by the Sun! A radiometer demonstrates how light can be converted into motion. More light, more spin! NC-0771
Strange Attractor Truly Magnetic Thinking PuttyStrange Attractor Truly Magnetic Thinking Putty
  • Color: Metallic Dark Grey
  • Features: Magnetic, Stretchable, Memory Effect, Soft Texture
  • Accessories: 1"x1" ceramic magnet included with purchase
  • Ages: 8+
  • SKU: NC-14305
Stress Ball Angry Thinking PuttyStress Ball Angry Thinking Putty
  • Color: Blue
  • Features: Strechable, Soft Texture
  • Ages: 8+
  • SKU: NC-14426
SunPrint Kit, 8x12 inchSunPrint Kit, 8x12 inch
Have fun making photographic-type prints using the power of the sun. NC-2828

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