Green Laser Light Pointer, USB

  • NC-14683
Price: $22.95
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This rechargeable green laser light is perfect for applications where the beam must be observed. Clearly visible in the dark to use for pointing out stars, signaling or optical demonstrations.


  • Class III Green Laser.
  • USB Charging Cable, 10"
  • Difuser lens to produce different light arrangements.

The word LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. This phrase basically means that all lasers, whether made for your cat to chase or to cut through steel, work on the same basic principle of “pumping” electrons with energy and using photons to steal that energy at a specific wavelength and frequency.

This laser can also be used as a signaling tool at times or distances where traditional flashlights aren’t as effective. Toss it in an emergency kit in case you ever need to alert search and rescue teams or even communicate using morse code

This laser is water resistant and charges via USB. The included diffuser lens can be used to produce different light arrangements. Comes with plastic clip-on "button keeper" to prevent switch from unintentionally being pushed.

Green lasers appear brightest because human eyes are more sensitive to greens.

Green Laser Features...

  • Solid construction.
  • Very bright, hazard Class III, green laser at 532nm ±10 wavelength.
  • Power: < 5000mW
  • Push button switch.
  • Constant wave output.
  • Dimensions 150mm X 23mm diameter.
  • Powered by USB.
  • Diffuser/Star Cap attachment.

Warning: Lasers can cause damage to vision. Use with caution and do not point directly at eyes. Younger users should be accompanied during use. It is illegal to point at aircraft, or their flight path, at any distance.