Green Europium Ultra Glow Powder, 15g

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Glow Powder

Best on the Market Glow-in-the-Dark Powder!

Strontium aluminate ultra-glow powder is a revolutionary environmentally friendly alkaline earth aluminate, perfect for those seeking an exciting glow-in-the-dark experience. It is non-toxic and non-radioactive, making it safe for various creative applications.

The magic lies in the pigment particles, which eagerly absorb visible light or quickly respond to ultraviolet light, becoming charged or excited. Once charged, the powder releases energy through visible light, creating a mesmerizing green glow that can last up to an impressive 26 hours. Imagine the possibilities – mix the glow powder with light-colored paints or coatings to make ordinary objects come to life with an enchanting glow, or simply keep it in a jar to amaze your friends.

This Ultra-Glow Powder has set a new standard for glow-in-the-dark products and has found widespread use in theme parks, theaters, governments, aviation and aerospace, green developments, and manufacturing processes.

What sets it apart is the exceptional duty-cycle operation, boasting a high ratio of glow time to the minimal charging time required. The green glow intensity and after-glow time surpass traditional options like ZnS (zinc sulfide) or commonly found retail store products by over 30 times.

Notably, the green glow is so vibrant that it can be seen in daylight, lasting up to 26 hours, and can be recharged indefinitely over its remarkable 30+ years lifetime. The choice of green is intentional, as our eyes are more sensitive to green hues.

To achieve its extraordinary performance, the powder is enhanced by incorporating rare-earth elements like europium and dysprosium into strontium aluminate. This strategic enhancement allows the powder to absorb light from across the spectrum and re-emit it slowly at a specific wavelength, resulting in an ultra-long-lasting glow.

The applications of Ultra-Glow Powder are virtually limitless – from creating Glow-in-the-Dark Resin and Nails to illuminating Glass, Flower Pots, Wall Murals, and even Rocks. Unleash your creativity and let the magic of glow-in-the-dark take your projects to a whole new level!

Mixing Instructions:

We recommend mixing ratios between 15% and 33% glow powder. In general, ratios with more than 33% powder to the mix don’t achieve a more drastically bright glow to justify the cost of more glow powder.

Mixing Examples:

  • 20% = 1:5 = 1 ounce powder to 5 fluid ounces clear medium
  • 25% = 1:4 = 1 ounce powder to 4 fluid ounces clear medium
  • 33% = 1:3 = 30 grams powder to 90 milliliters clear medium


Glow-in-the-dark powder can be used for sidewalks, street numbers, coffee tables, countertops, floors, fishing lures, watch dialers, gun sights, costumes, paintings, pools, jewelry, nails, tape, paper, toys, screen printing, ink, a tracking powder in model rocketry, and much more!

Particle Size:

50 microns average


Safe for normal use as it contains no radioactive or toxic materials. See the Safety Data Sheet for more information.


  • Immediate: 93,000 mcd/m2
  • 1 Minute: 6,000 mcd/m2
  • 10 Minutes: 940 mcd/m2
  • 60 Minutes: 207 mcd/m2

Glow Duration:

Up to 26 hours

Product Glow Life:

Over 30 years.

Outdoor Usage:

Suitable for outdoor usage as it does not suffer luminance reduction even when placed under a 300-watt high-pressure mercury lamp for 1000 hours.

Temperature Resistance:

The performance and brilliance remain stable at temperatures between -20℃ to 600℃ or more.

Chemical Stability:

The powder is stable as it is resistant to most organic and inorganic anhydrous chemicals. However, it will decompose into metal oxide and lose its luminance when brought into contact with water, such as in kids’ water paint. Stable with most resins, epoxies, silicones, and acrylic paints.