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Gyroscope Fidget Spinner - Pink Lemonade

  • NC-14870
Price: $15.00
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This gyroscope fidget fits great in your hand. It creates great stimulation for those who have a hard time concentrating. It’s also just a lot of fun to spin. Small enough to keep in your pocket or the palm of your hand. It has a bit of weight in the center to give it more of a spin too. Small, easy to take places, very relaxing, and fun.

Great for both kids and adults for...

  • Stress relief and decompression
  • People who struggle with anxiety or restlessness
  • People with ADD/ADHD, autism, etc.
  • People who enjoy sensory interaction all the time

Created using a 3D printer with environmentally friendly, plant-based filament material, PLA poly(lactic acid). Assembled in multiple pieces, the center ball is two pieces, there is a visible seam where they meet. Due to the nature of 3D printing, you'll notice some lines or minor variations which add to the unique character to each piece.