Iron Filings, 40 mesh, 500g

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Use these filings  to observe the shape of a magnetic field around a magnet. These are grease-free, 40 mesh iron filings. Uniform particle size allows for smooth, even flow when pouring.

Great for demonstrations!

When sprinkled onto a sheet of paper placed near a magnet, the particles of iron will align themselves along the lines of the magnetic field, allowing you to observe the field's shape. This technique can be used to study the strength and direction of the magnetic field in various locations around the magnet.

In addition to visualizing magnetic fields, iron filings can also be used to demonstrate other principles of magnetism, such as the attraction and repulsion of magnets and the effect of a magnetic field on moving charges.

To demonstrate the effect of a magnetic field on moving charges. Suspend a magnet above a sheet of paper and sprinkle iron filings on the paper. This will show how the magnet will deflect the path of charged particles, such as electrons.


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