Educational MicroscopesCompound Microscopes

High quality yet budget priced, monocular and binocular scopes with built-in illumination, three and four objectives.
Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopes and digital eyepieces allow you to view specimens or objects on a computer screen and to take snapshot images or short videos.
Pocket Microscopes

Super affordable scopes that the whole family can use anytime, anywhere. Choose from illuminated 30X or 100X.
Advanced Lab MicroscopesAdvanced Vanguard 1400 Series Microscopes

Medical and research quality scopes with VIOS Infinity Corrected Optics. Binocular and trinocular models available.

Binocular stereo microscopes for inspection, dissection and 3-D viewing with multiple magnifications, 3-way illumination and economy priced; stereo-zoom models.
Microscopes - Accessories
  • Prepared Slide Sets
  • General Supplies
  • Specimen Stains
  • Carrying Cases
  • Eyepieces
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Books

Includes pocket and glass reading magnifiers.