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A/C Adapter, 5.5V - 300mAA/C Adapter, for MFL-05 and MFL-85
Replacement A/C Adapter for C & A Scientific My First Lab Models 05 and 85 Microscopes. NC-11333
Celestron 5MP Digital Eyepiece Microscope Imager (44422)Celestron 5MP Digital Eyepiece Microscope Imager (44422)
Observe specimen slides or objects magnified through your microscope and capture video or snapshots. Transmit the color video images through the 5 Megapixel digital camera to your WIN computer. MAC limits at 2MP. Comes with Celestron Imager HD Software. NC-13691
Celestron Hand Held Digital Pro Microscope (44308)Celestron Hand Held 5MP Digital Pro Microscope (44308)
Easy-to-use digital microscope with adjustable-height stand. Comes with downloadable MicroCapture Pro software available for both Mac and Windows PCs and calibration ruler. NC-13025
Celestron Labs Binocular Compound Microscope CB2000CCelestron Labs Binocular Compound Microscope CB2000C
An ideal instrument for the advanced student and budget-conscious laboratory. Offers magnification ranging from 40x to 2000x. NC-13580
Celestron Labs Compound Microscope CM1000CCelestron Labs Compound Microscope CM1000C
An excellent microscope for labs, schools, field use and more. Offers magnification ranging from 40x to 1000x. Coaxial, coarse and fine focus. NC-13610
Celestron Labs S10-60 Stereo MicroscopeCelestron Labs S10-60 Stereo Microscope
Intended for the discriminating student, hobbyist or professional, this scope from Celestron provides a low power range of 10x, 20x, 30x and 60x. NC-13945
Celestron Microdirect 1080p HDMI Handheld Digital Microscope (44316)Celestron Microdirect 1080p HDMI Handheld Digital Microscope (44316)
This microscope not only offers true 1080p, high definition viewing, but also still image and video recording. Comes with Celestron MicroDirect® 1080p Portable Capture Software for WIN and calibration ruler. NC-13870
My First Lab Ultimate Microscope - Student Scope MFL-05My First Lab Microscope - Ultimate Student Scope MFL-05
Has a built-in illuminator on a base with a rechargeable battery LED light source. The detachable AC power cord can power the light or recharge the battery for portable use. 40X, 100X and 400XR magnifications. NC-9631
Pocket Illuminated Microscope, 100-250X ZoomPocket Illuminated Microscope, 100-250X Zoom
Pocket Illuminated Microscope, 20-60X ZoomPocket Illuminated Microscope, 20-60X Zoom
The Carson MM-450, PocketMicro™ is a 20x-60x zoom pocket microscope. Super-bright LED light illuminates your viewing subject to ensure a clear, bright image. Fits easily in your pocket so you can bring it with you anywhere. NC-14040
Pocket Microscope, 20x MicroMiniâ„¢ MM-280Pocket Illuminated Microscope, 20x
The Carson MM-280B MicroMini™ is a 20x, LED Lighted Pocket Microscope that is always at the ready! It is compact, portable and easy to use. It is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. Available in three colors, Blue, Orange, or Green. NC-13972
Pocket Illuminated Microscope, 60-75X ZoomPocket Illuminated Microscope, 60-75X Zoom
The Carson MM-200, MicroMax Plus™ is a powerful 60-75x power magnification pocket microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. NC-13975

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