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Educational MicroscopesCompound Microscopes

High quality yet budget priced, monocular and binocular scopes with built-in illumination, three and four objectives.
Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopes and digital eyepieces allow you to view specimens or objects on a computer screen and to take snapshot images or short videos.

Binocular stereo microscopes for inspection, dissection and 3-D viewing with multiple magnifications, 3-way illumination and economy priced; stereo-zoom models.
Pocket Microscopes
These Pocket Microscopes from Carson Optics are so compact and portable you can take them with you anywhere.
Microscopes - Accessories
  • Prepared Slide Sets
  • General Supplies
  • Specimen Stains
  • Carrying Cases
  • Eyepieces
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Books

Includes pocket and glass reading magnifiers.