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  • 95-0072-01

Mini UV Viewing Cabinet, UVP C-10

  • G-1576
Price: $373.06
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Use the C-10 Chromato-Vue® Mini Cabinet with any
UVP 4 Watt Compact and 6 Watt Handheld UV Lamps.

This low-cost Viewing Cabinet provides a darkroom environment for viewing materials. It may be used with UVP Compact and Handheld UV Lamps including Models UVGL-15, UVGL-25, UVL-21, UVL-56, UVG-54, UVGL-55, UVGL-58.

Key Features...

  • Constructed with a metal base and plastic top.
  • The bottom panel of the cabinet is removeable.
  • Top of the cabinet provides snug fit for optional UV lamp.
  • A contrast control filter absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes.
  • Soft rubber viewport provides a comfortable viewing area with adequate space for eyeglasses.
  • Lightweight access curtain blocks out external light from the cabinet interior.
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    Cabinet Dimensions...

    • Interior: 9L x 10W x 7H in. (229 x 254 x 178mm)
    • Exterior: 9L x 10.5W x 12H (229 x 267 x 305mm)
    • Weight: 3.6 lb (1.6 kg)

    Return Policy: Ultraviolet lamps from Analytik Jena (UVP) have a 20% restocking fee.