• Rare Earth Magnetic Stir Bar, Octahedral PTFE, 25 x 8mm
  • Magnetic Stir Bar, Octagon, 1 x 5/16 inch
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Size: 1 x 5/16 inch.
Cat No. - NC-14086
Price: $12.95


This octahedral-shaped, top quality magnetic spin bar features a Rare Earth Neodymium magnetic core, assuring extremely high strength magnetization coupled with almost total resistance to demagnetization. The inert nonstick PTFE coating resists harsh chemicals, is resistant to scratching and high temperatures. Its oval shape reduces friction and increases effectiveness in round-bottom flasks.

Identified by an inert carbon black spot.

Stir Bar Features...

  • Polished finish.
  • Molded-on pivot ring in the center.
  • Leakproof design.
  • Seamless molded inert nonstick coating.
  • An FDA approved material.