Red Laser Light Pointer

  • NC-14489
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This class IIIr red laser light is perfect for many optical experimets. Comes in a sturdy, padded case.

This product has FDA required labeling warning about radiation and other hazards and states that the laser complies with FDA safety regulations. The label also states the power output and the hazard class of the product.

Red Laser Features...

  • Solid construction with pocket clip.
  • Bright, hazard class IIIr, red laser at 650nm ±10 wavelength.
  • Power: < 5mW
  • Range approx. 100 meters or 328 feet (in darkness).
  • Push button switch.
  • Constant wave output.
  • Dimensions 6 in. X .5 in. diameter.
  • Powered by 2 “AAA” batteries, (included).