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The Brew Your Own Root Beer KitBrew Your Own Root Beer Kit
Enjoy brewing your own root beer at home. Make up to two gallons of delicious and naturally carbonated root beer, using your own recycled plastic soda bottles. Ages 8+. NC-4214
The Bubble Gum KitBubble Gum Kit
Do it yourself or join with your friends to make over a half pound of smooth and delicious bubble gum. Lots of fun and easy to do! Ages 8+. NC-4134
Thames and Kosmos CHEM C1000 (v2.0)Free Ground Shipping - Thames and Kosmos CHEM C1000 (v2.0)
125 experiments in a 80-page experiment manual explore everything from acids and bases to electro-chemical reactions in action-packed, hands-on experiments. Ages 10+. NC-10966
Thames and Kosmos CHEM C2000 Chemistry SetFree Ground Shipping - Thames and Kosmos CHEM C2000 (v2.0)
CHEM C2000 includes everything in CHEM C1000 and more — with twice the tools and materials. An alcohol burner is added for experiments that require heat, greatly expanding the number of experiments you can conduct. Ages 11+. NC-11938
Thames and Kosmos CHEM C3000Free Ground Shipping - Thames and Kosmos CHEM C3000 (v2.0)
CHEM C3000 includes everything in CHEM C2000 plus dozens of additional tools and chemicals, and 100 additional experiments, for a total of more than 333 experiments. Ages 12+. NC-13443
Grow a Green CrystalGrow a Green Crystal
Grow sparkling, green crystals overnight from a safe solution of potassium aluminum sulfate. Ages 8+ NC-13998
SunPrint Kit, 4x4 inchSunPrint Kit, 4x4 inch
Have fun making photographic-type prints using the power of the sun. NC-9132
SunPrint Kit, 8x12 inchSunPrint Kit, 8x12 inch
Have fun making photographic-type prints using the power of the sun. NC-2828
Super Absorbent Polymer SpheresSuper Absorbent Polymer Spheres
Soak in water and these spheres grow 300 times their size! After a while out of water, evaporation will dry out and shrink the spheres again. Spheres are made from a chemical known as super absorbent polymer (or SAP). NC-13815
Thames and Kosmos Glow Stick LabThames and Kosmos Glow Stick Lab
Want to make some awesome glow sticks that shine in cool colors under UV lights and that glow in the dark? With this kit, you can make five different glowing concoctions using the included materials and materials from around your house. Then, learn why they glow! Ages 8+. NC-13992
Thames and Kosmos Glowing Chemistry SetThames and Kosmos Glowing Chemistry Set
Explore real world chemical reactions and discover the luminous mysteries of the natural world with the Glowing Chemistry kit.  Includes a 48-page color manual that guides you through 22 different experiments. Ages 10+. NC-13627
Zometool Hyperdo Project KitZometool Hyperdo Project Kit
This kit has 970 Zometool parts to build a fascinating project for kids and adults alike. This beautiful model of the 120-cell will cast amazing shadows, astonish you with the tunnel of love, and could be your first step to learning how to think in 4D! NC-13103
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