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Beer Chemistry Pint Glass Set/2Beer Chemistry Pint Glass Set/2
These two pint glasses are for brewers, beer connoisseurs, and anyone who knows there’s more to beer than just ethanol. This set celebrates the complex array of molecules that give beer its unique qualities and flavors. Dishwasher safe. NC-14512
Erlenmeyer Flask Mug, 400mlBorosilicate Erlenmeyer Flask Mug, 400ml
Drink your favorite beverage from this unique 500mL (16 oz) Erlenmeyer mug. Beaded rim with graduations up to 400mL. Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. NC-12679
Caffeine Beaker MugCaffeine Molecule Beaker Mug, 400ml
On one side of this glass beaker mug is a caffeine molecule, enameled in white and on the other side it has graduations up to 400mL. Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. NC-12678
Core Sample Tumbler GlassCore Sample Tumbler Glass
Enjoy your morning cold brew from this Core Sample Tumbler while prepping for your geology field work. Explore layers of Earth's geological history while you sip your chocolate milk. Get lost in rock-inspired reveries while sipping an evening cocktail – on the rocks, of course! NC-14504
Honey Bees Mega Ceramic 20 oz MugHoney Bees Mega Ceramic 20 oz Mug
Stay as productive as a beehive with a big cup of coffee in this 20 oz Mega Mug. The white background is buzzing with illustrations of bees, honeycomb, and flowers. It's sure to inspire greatness as you tackle your day. NC-14528
Mushrooms Mega Ceramic  20 oz MugMushrooms Mega Ceramic 20 oz Mug
Warm up after an afternoon of foraging with 20 ounces of reishi tea or mushroom coffee from this earth-toned mug. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. NC-14513
Night Sky Mega Ceramic MugNight Sky Mega Ceramic Mug
Observing the night sky is serious business — who's got time to run back to the coffee pot for endless refills? This enormous 20 oz ceramic mug shows a star chart, constellations and a field of stars in classic black and white plus it's big enough to keep you going all throughout a night of stargazing. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. NC-14506
Periodic Table Tumbler GlassPeriodic Table Tumbler Glass
Rehydrate with your fancy new Periodic Table Tumbler Glass after a marathon lab session. Sip your evening cocktail in style, or gift one to your favorite lab partner. NC-14505
Science is Magic Ceramic 11oz. MugScience is Magic Ceramic 11oz. Mug
Who needs magic when you have science? From black holes to the right hand rule, micropipettes to bunsen burners, science offers answers to the biggest questions and a space for curiosity to roam free. Science is magic — that WORKS! Microwave & Dishwasher Safe. NC-14508
Science is Magic Heat Change Ceramic Mega MugScience is Magic Heat Change Ceramic Mega Mug
Add a hot beverage and this 20oz. ceramic heat change mug reveals what we know to be true... Science is magic — that WORKS! Hand wash, Do not microwave. NC-14509
Skeleton Mega Ceramic 20 oz MugSkeleton Mega Ceramic 20 oz Mug
Working your fingers to the bone? Clinical rotations got you walking around like a zombie? Or maybe your chiropractor finally got your back to crack in just the right way and you need a way to say "Thank you!" – well, this enormous 20 oz mega mug is just the ticket.  NC-14547
Spiders Mega Ceramic 20 oz MugSpiders Mega Ceramic 20 oz Mug
Get ready for a day studying spider silk or lecturing on arachnids. Fueled with 20 ounces of your favorite brew, you'll be ready for anything. NC-14527

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