Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, 2.5kg

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  • NaC2H3O2 • 3H2O
  • 6131-90-4
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  • NC-11613
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Solubility:138.8g per 100ml water at 122°F (50°C).

Sodium acetate - Make Instant Hot Ice. Colorless crystals with slight vinegar odor. Efflorescent (loses combined water molecules on exposure to air). Soluble in water and ether, slightly soluble in alcohol. This chemical ships to destinations in the USA and Canada only.

Popularly used to make INSTANT "HOT ICE"!...

This 2.5kg bottle of Sodium Acetate will produce approximately FIFTY OUNCES of supersaturated solution. We've prepared a proven set of instructions to get you started making Hot Ice. We also sell Sodium Acetete in a 500g size that will make approximately ten ounces of solution. Click here to view the 500g size.


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