Sodium Hydroxide Beads, 25 lb

  • Lab beads
  • 96.0 min.
  • NaOH
  • 1310-73-2
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  • UN1823, Class 8, PG II
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  • NC-9484
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Also called Caustic Soda and substitutes for Red Devil Lye, sodium hydroxide is a white deliquescent solid soluble in water, alcohol and glycerol. It has uses in multiple manufacturing processes.

In the lab, sodium hydroxide is often used as a base for titrations, a method of determining the concentration of an acidic solution by slowly adding a base until the acid is neutralized. It can also be used to adjust the pH of a solution, dissolve certain types of organic compounds, and prepare certain types of compounds.

Sodium hydroxide is a key ingredient in the production of soap, and it is used to saponify fats and oils in the soap-making process. Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when sodium hydroxide reacts with fats and oils to produce soap and glycerol.

For shipping, Sodium Hydroxide is in hazardous materials Class 8: Corrosive Substances. It only ships to destinations within the 48 contiguous US states using Standard Ground. A HazMat fee applies to this 25 lb size poly pail. Adult signature required upon delivery. Shipping to a commercial address is suggested. 


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