Sodium Silicate Solution, 1 gal.

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Sodium silicate (water glass) is a clear, colorless liquid. Used in soaps, detergents, adhesives and in waterproofing. Sometimes used to seal small cracks or leaks in the cooling system.

Sodium Silicate Physical and Chemical Properties …

  • Sodium silicate:  37% Wt.% (28% silica + 9% sodium oxide)*
  • Water:  63% Wt%
  • Appearance:  Thick liquid.
  • Color:  Clear to murky white.
  • Odor:  Odorless or musty odor.
  • pH:  Approximately 11.3
  • Specific gravity:  1.39 g/cm3 (20°C), 41° BÈ, 11.62 lbs/gal
  • Solubility in water:  Miscible.

Sodium silicate is available in larger sizes …

* Sodium Silicate is produced by melting high purity sand with sodium carbonate (soda ash) in high temperature furnaces. The resulting product is a water soluble silicate powder that is known as water glass or sodium silicate solution once it is dissolved in water. Sodium silicate solution is chemically comprised of a weight ratio of silica to sodium oxide dissolved in water. Our sodium silicate has a weight ratio of 3.22 (SiO2:Na2O), which breaks down as ~28.7% silica (SiO2) to ~8.9% sodium oxide (Na2O), and that translates into a solution that is approximately 37.5% sodium silicate by weight in water.


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