The Bouncy Ball Experiment


The Bouncing Ball or “Bouncy Ball” is created by the reaction of two chemicals, ethyl alcohol and sodium silicate. Phenolphthalein solution can be used in place of the ethyl alcohol to produce a brilliant pink bouncy ball.

What you need.

What to do.

  1. Using the graduated cylinder, measure 20ml (4tsp) sodium silicate into the 150ml beaker. Thouroghly rinse the cylinder with clear water then use in step two.
  2. Measure 5ml (1tsp) of ethyl alcohol (or phenolphthalein) into the 50ml beaker.
  3. Pour the ethyl alcohol into the beaker with the sodium silicate.
  4. Stir immediately with stir rod or popsicle stick.
  5. In a minute or two when a solid will be formed, begin to squeeze the material together. Wear disposable gloves since sodium silicate is somewhat irritating to skin.
  6. Continue squeezing until a solid ball is created.

Now enjoy your “bouncy ball”! When not bouncing, store in a sealed container