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Reveal A-690 Plus Additive 1 oz Pk/6Reveal A-690 Plus Additive, 1 oz, Pk/6
A universal fluorescent tracing additive for water coolant systems which brings leaks to light with an ultraviolet lamp. Once the Reveal additive circulates through the system, leaks are easy to locate under a UV lamp. NC-10453
Ultraviolet Blocking UV Goggles UVC-503Ultraviolet Blocking UV Goggles, UVC-503
Ultraviolet blocking goggles block ultraviolet radiation while providing optimum contrast in viewing and lessened eye fatigue. NC-10424
Ultraviolet Blocking UV Spectacles, UVC-303Ultraviolet Blocking UV Spectacles, UVC-303
These ultraviolet blocking spectacles block ultraviolet radiation. NC-8856
UV Bulb Self-Ballasted for B-100SP UV LampUV Bulb, Self-Ballasted for B-100SP UV Lamp
Replacement bulb for for the UVP, Inc. B-100SP UV Lamp. NC-10444
UV Tube for BL-15 Inspection UV LampUV Tube, for BL-15 Inspection UV Lamp
Replacement tube for for BL-15 Inspection UV Lamp. Longwave 365nm. NC-2604
UV Tube LW 4wt BLB for UVL-4UV Tube, LW, 4wt, BLB for UVL-4
Replacement for UVL-4 Minilamp Fluorescent tube. Six inch overall length. Double prongs on each end. NC-0161
UV Tube, LW, 8wt, 365nmUV Tube, LW, 8wt, 365nm
Longwave replacement for 8wt LW lamps including UVLMS-38, UVLM-28, UVLS-28, 3UV-38, UVL-28 handheld UV lamps. NC-12270
UV Tube, LW, BL, 4wt, for UVL21UV Tube, LW, BL, 4wt, for UVL21, UVGL25, 3UV-34
Replacement for UVL-21, UVGL-25, or 3UV-34 compact UV lamps. NC-1828
UV Tube, LW, BL, 6wt, for UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36UV Tube, LW, BL, 6wt, for UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36
Replacement for UVL-56, UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36 handheld UV lamp. NC-0162
UV Tube LW BLB 6wt for ML49UV Tube, LW, BLB, 6wt, for ML49
Replacement for ML-49 lantern style UV lamp. NC-0159
UV Tube, MR, 4wt, for 3UV-34UV Tube, MR, 4wt, for 3UV-34
Midrange replacement for 3UV-34 multi-wavelength handheld UV lamp. NC-12274
UV Tube, MR, 6wt, for 3UV-36UV Tube, MR, 6wt, for 3UV-36
Midrange replacement for 3UV-36 multi-wavelength handheld UV lamp. NC-12273

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