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UV Bulb Self-Ballasted for B-100SP UV LampUV Bulb, Self-Ballasted for B-100SP UV Lamp
Replacement bulb for for the UVP, Inc. B-100SP UV Lamp. NC-10444
UV Tube for BL-15 Inspection UV LampUV Tube, for BL-15 Inspection UV Lamp
Replacement tube for for BL-15 Inspection UV Lamp. Longwave 365nm. NC-2604
UV Tube LW 4wt BLB for UVL-4UV Tube, LW, 4wt, BLB for UVL-4
Replacement for UVL-4 Minilamp Fluorescent tube. Six inch overall length. Double prongs on each end. NC-0161
UV Tube, LW, 8wt, 365nmUV Tube, LW, 8wt, 365nm
Longwave replacement for 8wt LW lamps including UVLMS-38, UVLM-28, UVLS-28, 3UV-38, UVL-28 handheld UV lamps. NC-12270
UV Tube, LW, BL, 4wt, for UVL21UV Tube, LW, BL, 4wt, for UVL21, UVGL25, 3UV-34
Replacement for UVL-21, UVGL-25, or 3UV-34 compact UV lamps. NC-1828
UV Tube, LW, BL, 6wt, for UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36UV Tube, LW, BL, 6wt, for UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36
Replacement for UVL-56, UVL56, UVGL-58, 3UV-36 handheld UV lamp. NC-0162
UV Tube LW BLB 6wt for ML49UV Tube, LW, BLB, 6wt, for ML49
Replacement for ML-49 lantern style UV lamp. NC-0159
UV Tube, MR, 4wt, for 3UV-34UV Tube, MR, 4wt, for 3UV-34
Midrange replacement for 3UV-34 multi-wavelength handheld UV lamp. NC-12274
UV Tube, MR, 6wt, for 3UV-36UV Tube, MR, 6wt, for 3UV-36
Midrange replacement for 3UV-36 multi-wavelength handheld UV lamp. NC-12273
UV Tube, MR, 8wt, for 3UV-38UV Tube, MR, 8wt, for 3UV-38
Midrange replacement for 3UV-38 multi-wavelength handheld UV lamp. NC-12271
UV Tube, SW, 4wt, for UVG-4UV Tube, SW, 4wt, for UVG-4, UVG-11, UVGL-25, 3UV-34
Replacement for UV lamps including UVG-4 Minilamp, UVGL-25 and UVG-11 Compact Lamps. Fluorescent tube. Six inch overall length. Double prongs on each end. NC-0163
UV Tube, SW, 6wt, for UVG54UV Tube, SW, 6wt, for UVG-54, UVGL-58, 3UV-36, UVG-47
Replacement for UVL-54, UVGL-58, 3UV-36, UVG-47 UV lamps. NC-1652

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