Mini UV Viewing Cabinet, UVP C-10

Mini UV Viewing Cabinet, UVP C-10

This low-cost Chromato-Vue® Viewing Cabinet from UVP provides a darkroom environment for viewing materials. Use the C-10 Mini Cabinet with any of our 4 Watt Compact and 6 Watt Handheld UV Lamps. G-1576

J-129 Stand for Handheld UV Lamps 6 watts

J-138 Stand for EL Series UV Lamps

Offers support and hands-free use of EL Series UV lamps. The lamp easily slips in and out of the lamp as needed. NC-4983

UV Tube LW 4wt BLB for UVL-4

UV Tube, LW, 4wt, BLB for UVL-4

Replacement for UVL-4 Minilamp Fluorescent tube. Six inch overall length. Double prongs on each end. NC-0161